Writing Coaching

  • Are you ready to deepen your relationship with your practice and/or take it to the next level?
  • Do you have a manuscript you could use help with beginning, organizing or completing?
  • Are you feeling blocked, frustrated or unfulfilled with your writing? Do you crave the joy and freedom that comes from connecting with your true voice, your profound story?
  • Do you long to write more creatively, to burst beyond the confines of your comfort zone, self-judgment and societal expectation? 
  • Are you tired of second-guessing yourself and over-editing? 
  • Do you crave the wisdom, inspiration, support, direction and accountability that a knowledgeable coach can provide?
  • Writing Coaching is for women seeking support and counsel at any stage in their writing process or project.


Some of the biggest hurdles that women face when we begin to write are fear, getting started and a lack of structure.


  • Take your writing beyond your perceived limitations through methods developed to support you to connect deeply with yourself and your story.
  • Receive feedback, ideas and support for every level of your writing journey.
  • Blast through your blocks with innovative techniques that support you to access the core of your story.
  • Flourish with creative abundance as you break out of ruts and courageously write your truth from the depth of your being. Experience the joy of surpassing your comfort zone and contacting your wild and unique wisdom.
  • Gain confidence in your innate writing intelligence and your wisdom to know when a piece is complete.
  • Benefit from the warmth and experience of a multi-genre writer, editorial consult and energy therapist deeply familiar with the process of creative writing in all its joys and hurdles.


Free initial consultation

Sessions are available weekdays from 10 am – 6 pm PST

Please inquire for a session outside of these hours.


My name is Marn Norwich, and I specialize in coaching women writers. I have a 28-year background as a writer, editor, consultant and workshop facilitator.

I also have decades of experience as an intuitive energy therapist. The combination of counselling, editorial consulting and energy therapy, when applicable, are what distinguish my coaching services.

When we work at issues at both the conscious and energetic level, shifts and epiphanies are frequent.

It would be my pleasure to work with you and support you wherever you are in your writing process!

If you feel stuck, I will support you overcome your blocks and write again.

In the process, I will work with you to gain self-understanding, grow confidence, adopt great writing habits, get inspired and learn techniques to keep you motivated.

We will meet exactly where you are and work on any practical and/or internal obstacles to your expression. 

If applicable, I will guide you toward healing through long-standing issues and help you to feel a greater sense of self-connection, calmness and grounding.

Along the way, I will support you to develop a strategy that works for your book or project and helps you to organize your material.

My work is woman-centred, trauma-informed and non-hierarchical.

How can energy work support my writing?

I use energy work to focus on the auric field and energy centres of the body to support a writer toward clarity and full expression.

It is a safe, gentle, yet powerful tool that can be used in-person or at a distance.

Coupled with my intuitive offerings, the energy-work component of my coaching offers clients deep insight, emotional release and practical concepts for forward movement.

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Process + Pricing

Sessions are 60 minutes and are available by Zoom and phone.

Sessions begin with an intake where you are invited to speak about your writing process, project and any blocks you are experiencing.

Single sessions are $130 + GST = $136.50 CA

Packages of four are $110 +GST/EACH =$462 CA

Sessions Offer...

  • Insight about and release of blocks
  • Healing for writing and communication issues
  • Tools to get writing and stay writing 
  • Prompts
  • Inspiration
  • Structural planning and organization 
  • Accountability support 
  • Editorial feedback on any part of your work

Sample Coaching Clients

  • Writers seeking to change genre/adapt their work to a new genre
  • Mid-career and established writers
  • New writers + writers at work on their first book
  • Memoirists
  • Journalists
  • Screenwriters 
  • Playwrights
  • Poets
  • Songwriters

Session + Packages

Free initial consultation

Free Your Voice, 3-month package

This package is for committed writers who would like to move more fully into the freedom of written expression with the warm and staunch support of a mentor.

This package is for you if: you’re experiencing a block or have trauma around writing; you want to experiment with new genres; you’re starting a writing project and need support; you feel isolated with your writing; you feel like a writing imposter; you’re in search of your writing voice; you’re recovering from codependency; you feel muzzled by the effects of the patriarchal culture.

Sample package-options include:

  • Two coaching sessions with energy work per month, 60-minutes each. In-person or via phone or Zoom
  • Two, boot-up sessions/month (coaching/energy work), 15-minute phone 
  • Two hours’ editing/month: Clarity, flow, structure
  • Participation in monthly online women’s writing group


  • Super-shots of guidance, healing, techniques and inspiration to heal through trauma or blast through your blocks and gain valuable self-insight
  • Inspiration and ideas as you begin to incorporate in new genres
  • Regular sessions to provide you with an opportunity to build on the work
  • Supportive editorial feedback as you grow and experiment 
  • A warm and motivating coach to hold you accountable as you reach for your writing dreams

Birth Your Babe, 6-month package

This accelerated, 6-month package is for writers who desire an intensive experience of growth and support as they write or complete a writing project.

This package is for you if you are ready to jump-start, or in the midst of, a writing project or book and want a guiding angel to coach, support and lift you in your process!

Sample package-options include60Project initiation session with intention-setting, individualized prompts, energy work, vision creation

  • Two, 90-minute coaching sessions with energy work/month: in-person or via phone or Zoom (two in addition to project initiation during the first month)
  • Three, 15-minute phone boot-up sessions per month (coaching/energy work)
  • Two hours of editing per moth
  • Participation in monthly online women’s writing group
  • Copy of original guidebook, “Cultivating writing power” 


  • Sustained and intensive personal support, insight and intuitive energy work while you develop yourself as a writer and/or develop your project or manuscript
  • Project-launching with attention to organizational input, agenda-setting, inspiration, individualized prompts, daily schedule, story plan, flow, process, discipline and space creation
  • Counselling and energy work to address issues that arise, flow-enhancement/block breaking, resistance, motivation, inspiration
  • The opportunity to delve deeply into your writing with the warm, solid and consistent encouragement of a coach at your side
  • Professional and regular editorial input to strengthen your writing and increase your capacity for impact with your words 
  • An accumulating library of guidance and writing techniques personalized for your use over the course of your creative life 
  • The opportunity to heal old issues through counseling and energy work over a sustained period, allowing you to deepen and expand your process
  • Expanded inspiration and motivation to blast through your blocks and gain valuable self-insight 
  • The opportunity to delve deeply into your writing with the warm, solid and consistent encouragement of a coach at your side 


I offer a variety of techniques to support you to open to your creative flow. These include:

  • Counseling for your writing issues and related life experiences
  • Brainstorming ideas for your project
  • Structural and organizational support
  • Intuitive energy therapy (i.e. reiki and related modalities) to help understand reasons for blocks and dissolve them 
  • Intuitive and practical insights into what you can do to overcome blocks and other emotional issues that obstruct your creative flow
  • Guided visualization and centring techniques
  • Co-writing i.e. writing together to support you to gain comfort with your writing
  • Personalized writing prompts designed to help you break through blocks
  • Personalized techniques to access your story
  • Supported writing, as in therapeutic letters to your higher self or to those who you are in conflict with


                        Gift certificates available