The Women's Writing as Healing Workshops

Online Writing as Healing:

8-week workshop

Contact us if you’re interested in this series. Once we have 5-8 women, we’ll put on the course!

The Women’s Writing as Healing Workshop series responds to the needs of women who want to get writing while connecting to each other in a close and supportive circle.

It fosters your development as a writer while supporting empowerment, personal growth and healing.

It inspires writing, creativity and self-connection!

Who is this Workshop for?
  • You love to write, though you may get blocked at times. You’d like to get into the habit of writing, make it a natural part of your routine.
  • You’ve never really written but feel drawn to explore this part of yourself.
  • You’re a seasoned writer and crave a stimulating environment to work on your material or try new genres.
  • You’re a social animal and benefit from being part of a circle of close, supportive women.
  • You know how important it is for women to be there for each other through the craziness of life.
  • You like to laugh! You also respect the power of tears to release us from pain and open us to healing.
  • You are welcoming healing into your life, whether this is trauma-related or in response to anxiety or depression.
How can the Workshop benefit me?

Now in its 4th year, the Workshop has supported women tremendously in both writing and personal development!

Participants have:

  • Broken through long-standing writing blocks that have inhibited their comfort in writing and sharing their writing
  • Moved from prosaic to expressive and lyrical writing
  • Grown distinctive writing voices
  • Found the courage and inspiration to write in new genres and/or take their work to the stage
  • Were inspired to add to their ongoing writing projects during sessions (i.e. memoir, creative non-fiction manuscripts)
  • Experienced deep and powerful support from the group while going through rough times/working through trauma
  • Developed close friendships that lasted far beyond the Workshop
The Women’s Online Writing as Healing Workshop series

Summer Session: Contact us with your interest! 

Full series

Dates TBA

Join an intimate circle of women for a journey of writing and empowerment!

Each 2-hour workshop includes a guided visualization/meditation; support circle; and inspiring writing prompts and invitations designed to connect us with the creative, the divine and ourselves. No writing experience required!


The Women’s Writing as Healing 8-pack (16 hours): $350/$300 (with deposit) inclusive 

To register, please email with your workshop and date(s). Once your course is confirmed, you may register via e-transfer to or by PayPal through this site.

The opportunity for writing, healing + connection should be available to all women.

If price is an object, please inquire.

Sliding scale options available for women on social assistance and disability and for others who are making/surviving on $22,000 CA or less/year.

What is the Women’s Writing as Healing Workshop?

The Workshop is a series of weekly workshops designed to empower you to love, understand and express yourself. 

You’ll be part of an intimate group of women who support each other as they share thoughts, emotions, experiences and writing in a safe and dynamic environment. 

Each week you’ll explore a different theme through specially tailored writing prompts. Examples of themes are gratitude, love and self-worth. 

You’ll enjoy guided visualizations, wisdom from wise teachers and many carefully selected and inspiring writing prompts. Sharing writing is encouraged and optional.

More than a workshop, the Workshop is an incubator for inspiration, growth and healing and ! It is driven by the power of sisterhood – by women nurturing each other to be their best.

Photo by Alexis Brown

This workshop is for you if....

  • You write or want to write and would love the benefit of inspiring themes and prompts to really get you going!
  • You’re a seasoned writer with a writing project underway and are seeking inspiration and new angles.
  • You’d benefit from a weekly, structured focus on your writing and personal empowerment.
  • You’re a woman of any age who is seeking a safe and supportive community in which to grow and flourish. 
  • You are actively healing an issue or trauma or wanting to progress your healing.
  • You’re seeking creative or personal growth in a warm, supportive setting.


  • Get inspired and get your writing flowing.
  • Connect deeply to your creativity and refine your writer’s voice.
  • Gain inspiration and support for your current writing project.
  • Have a weekly opportunity to focus on  creative expression, self-empowerment and growth.
  • Be part of a warm, supportive community of women. 
  • Explore empowerment  issues from a women’s perspective in a close circle of women.
  • Experience staunch support for yourself on your healing path.
  • Support other women in their life journeys.


  • Flow, inspiration and regularity in your writing process
  • Strengthening of your writer’ voice
  • Increased comfort in reading your work to others
  • Increased sense of empowerment
  • New, wonderful women friends!
  • Wider spiritual perspective
  • Greater self-understanding
  • Tools for self-healing and personal growth

Pricing Plan

First session


Unsure if these workshops are for you?  Try one out at one of our Free Intros!


$40 + GST = $42

Once package sales are complete, drop-in sessions may be available. Contact us to inquire. 

8-workshop package
(16 hours)


Reserve your space for 8 workshops.

Wise-Woman Special
(16 hours)


The Wise Woman is available for 24 hours following your Free Intro.

4-month-workshop-series ( 32 hours)

$250 * 4 = $1,000 

Assure your space for 4 months (16 workshops) with one payment!