Writing For Wellness Workshop

Online for your business, organization or facility – Vancouver, BC

VWWC offers Writing for Wellness workshops online or on-site for businesses, organizations and facilities. These workshops support participants to empower and connect with themselves and others through the process of writing and the (optional) sharing of their work.

Inquire about how we can tailor workshops to meet your organization’s needs. 

Improve the health and productivity of your clients and staff!

The cultural barometer

Anxiety, depression, insomnia and trauma have huge impacts on physical and psychological wellness and workplace performance.

According to a recent poll by the Canadian Mental Health Association, 53 per cent of Canadians consider anxiety and depression an “epidemic.” 

Another recent poll of 1,500 Canadians by Abacus Data found 41 per cent of those surveyed identified themselves as “someone who struggles with anxiety.” A third said they had been formally diagnosed with anxiety.

Sixty-six percent of the general population has been traumatized at some point, and 80% of workers feel stressed on the job, according to the Amercian magazine, Government Technology. The magazine sites a study that found that 60 percent of employee absences could be traced back to stress-related psychological problems.

As you are aware if you run a treatment or recovery centre, 60% of those dealing with addiction have a trauma history

Impacts on productivity

Half of employees report that stress and anxiety impact their workplace performance, relationship with coworkers and quality of work (survey, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America).

According to Forbes Magazine, a Global Benefits Attitudes survey found that levels of workplace disengagement significantly increase when employees experience high levels of stress.

Results-driven workshops

Expressive writing, closely linked to the writing done in these workshops, is scientifically proven to play a significant role in physical and psychological healing.

Benefits include: reduction in anxiety, depression and blood pressure; and improved cognitive function, sleep, social connection and immunity.

Workshops offered September 2023 through July 2024

Fee individualized to match your program needs

Contact us to discuss the program requirements of your staff or clients. We offer lunch and learn, team-building and professional development workshops. Programs range from  one hour to full day.

Photo by Bess Hamiti

Writing for Wellness Workshops are for:
  • Professionals who deal with traumatized clients: ambulance workers, physicians, fire workers, hospice workers, social workers
  • Businesses and organizations seeking professional development and team-building workshops
  • Drug and alcohol treatment centres: residential and drop-in
  • Eating disorders units
  • Veterans societies and more
  • Increased psychological well-being: reduce anxiety, depression; improve cognitive function, social connection
  • Health improvement: immunity, sleep, blood pressure
  • Empowerment, personal growth
  • Community creation and strengthening of group bonds
  • Increased capacity for self-expression
  • Inspiration
  • Connection to creativity
  • Growth of compassion and empathy
  • Opportunity to support other members of the group/team
  • Multiple health benefits, psychological and physical
  • Increased sense of empowerment
  • Wider life perspective
  • Greater self-understanding
  • Tools for self-healing and personal growth
  • Flow, inspiration and regularity in your creative process
  • Strengthening of your writer’ voice
  • Increased comfort in sharing your creative output with others