Writing for Wellness Workshops

For your corporation or organization 

Marn Norwich offers Writing for Wellness workshops online and onsite for corporations and organizations. These workshops support participants to empower and connect with themselves and others through the process of writing and the (optional) sharing of writing.

Inquire about how Marn can tailor workshops to meet the needs of your business. 

Creativity is core!

Creativity is core to the human experience. It’s how we mark ourselves as different from each other, and also how we connect with each other in deeply meaningful ways. 

Writing for Wellness workshops offer members of corporations and organizations an opportunity to explore and expand their creativity while connecting with each other in significant ways rarely found in daily interactions.

Workshops provide opportunities for participants to express themselves, grow their voices and support each other’s creative journeys in profound ways. 

Combine a sense of play with a focus on empowerment, and the essence of these workshops is lively, dynamic and fun!

The Nuts ‘n Bolts

We begin with a brief guided visualization to bring us into focus and presence. If the group is small enough, we do a check-in to hear where everyone is at. Then we write briefly to a series of prompts on the theme of your choice. Examples are Transition, Innovation, Curiosity, Fun and Mindfulness. Prompts are short quotes with invitations and are designed to be open enough to inspire any kind of writing on any theme. Optional Share Circles after each prompt provide an opportunity for members to read from their work and/or share their processes. The role of listeners is to hold the words of the reader and reflect anywhere they were moved or inspired (it’s not a critique). 

The Sheer Magic 

Creative flow responds to kindness. It’s all too rare to have others listen deeply to our thoughts and reflect back to us the beauty and originality of our expression: it’s uncommon to be heard at this level. Participants’ creativity glows and expands under this gaze — at times, the leaps are tremendous. Sometimes the sparks fly with such force that we feel like we’re in a cauldron of creativity, a creative power-chamber where “fabulous” gets ignited!

The Bonding

When we interact with each other in the creative realm in a manner that is 100% mutually supportive, we create bonds with each other without even trying. We get to know something about each other that no other activity could arrange for. We find a natural empathy for each other that can’t be orchestrated. 

The Offer

Workshops are available to meet the needs of your team. Lunch + Learns, two-hour, half-day and full-day. Request a theme, or choose from a wide selection. Add a dynamic 10-minute talk with some amusing slides on the power of writing for wellness. Order a series. Make the facilitator’s day and ask her to read a short poem or two from her collection to inaugurate your company’s occasion!

The science

Expressive writing, closely linked to the writing done in these workshops, is scientifically proven to play a significant role in physical and psychological healing.

Benefits include: reduction in anxiety, depression and blood pressure; and improved cognitive function, sleep, social connection and immunity.

Workshops offered September 2023 through July 2024

Fees individualized to match your program needs

Photo by Bess Hamiti

Writing for Wellness Workshops are for:
  • Corporations and organizations seeking professional development and team-building workshops
  • Professionals who deal with traumatized clients: ambulance workers, physicians, fire workers, hospice workers, social workers
  • Drug and alcohol treatment centres: residential and drop-in
  • Eating disorders units
  • Veterans societies and more
  • Connection to creativity
  • Community creation and strengthening of group bonds
  • Opportunity to support other members of the group/team
  • Empowerment, personal growth
  • Increased capacity for self-expression
  • Inspiration
  • Growth of compassion and empathy
  • Increased psychological well-being: reduced anxiety, depression; improved cognitive function, social connection
  • Health improvement: immunity, sleep, blood pressure
  • Increased comfort in sharing creative output with others
  • Flow, inspiration and regularity in creative process
  • Strengthening of individual voices
  • Increased sense of empowerment
  • Multiple health benefits, psychological and physical
  • Wider life perspective
  • Greater self-understanding
  • Tools for self-healing and personal growth