The Muse Lab: A Playground for Women Writers


6 Fridays, March 8 – April 12, 2024, from 12 – 2 p.m. PST


  • Are you ready to begin your writing journey, deepen your relationship with your practice, take it to the next level and/or claim your identity as a writer?
  • Are you feeling blocked, frustrated or unfulfilled with your writing? Do you crave the joy and freedom that comes from connecting with your true voice, your profound story?
  • Do you long to write more creatively, to burst beyond the confines of your comfort zone, self-judgment and societal expectation?
  • Are you tired of second-guessing yourself and over-editing?
  • Do you crave the inspiration, validation and accountability that a group of warm and creative women can provide? Would you like to develop meaningful relationships with other writers who can support you to spin your perspective, get you out of your head and grow your self-confidence?
  • Take your writing beyond your perceived limitations through methods developed to encourage you to dive into your practice. Receive the supportive feedback you need to step confidently into your writing identity.
  • Blast through your blocks with innovative prompts that get you writing in entirely new directions, with the encouragement of a group of like-minded women and an experienced mentor.
  • Flourish with creative abundance as you break out of ruts and courageously write your truth from the depth of your being. Experience the joy of surpassing your comfort zone and contacting your wild and unique wisdom.
  • Gain confidence in your innate writing intelligence and your wisdom to know when a piece is complete.
  • Connect at the level of heart and art with a dynamic and loving group of women writers.
Free Intro to the Muse Lab Online Workshop series:

Friday March 1, 2024, 12 – 1:30 p.m. PST

Join an intimate circle of women for a journey of writing and empowerment! This is a 90-minute free intro to the ongoing series. I’ll share my 6 tools to support writers to grow, maintain flow and break through blocks, with examples of how women writers flourish in these high octane, uber-supportive circles where we deep-dive into the writing process. I’ll offer prompts designed to support you to transform your relationship with your writing, and we’ll have optional share circles.

Full series

6 Fridays,  March 8  – April 12, 2024, 12 – 2 p.m. PST

Each 2-hour workshop includes a guided visualization/meditation; check-in circle; and inspiring writing exercises and prompts designed to connect us to our stories and our wild and unique wisdom. Own your writing voice! Beginner to advanced writers welcome.

Carefully curated weekly HomePlay assignments keep you writing between workshops.

As a celebration of their work in the program, the 7th workshop is a group reading and closing circle  where women may present a sample of the writing they did during the series. 

Please note that your on-screen presence is required during these workshops.

Workshops are capped at about 8 women to maintain intimacy.

                               Gift certificates available


Level I

$400: Full price

$350: Wise Woman Special: purchase within 24 hours of Free Intro

Level II

$640: Full price

$590: Wise Woman Special: purchase within 24 hours of Free Intro

Includes one complementary initial consult and two 60-minute writing coaching sessions within the six-week program timeline.

Level III

$760: Full price

$710: Wise Woman Special: purchase within 24 hours of Free Intro

Includes one complementary initial consult and three 60-minute writing coaching sessions within the six-week program timeline.

(Coaching sessions are billed at an exclusive package rate unavailable outside of the workshop combo.)

Writing coaching is for women who are seeking support and/or counsel at any stage in their writing process or project. Women choose the coaching option to deepen and strengthen their relationship with their writing and fire-up/advance their projects. They are matched with the warmth of a multi-genre writer, editorial consultant and energy therapist deeply familiar with the process of creative writing in all its joys and hurdles.

To register, please email with your workshop and date(s). Once your course is confirmed, you may register via e-transfer to or by PayPal through this site.

Click on the links above to register for a Free Intro through Eventbrite, or contact us with your preferred date.

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What is the Muse Lab?

Muse Lab Workshops: After a check-in and short guided visualization, we’ll use innovative exercises and prompts to support you to dive into your practice; step into your writing identity; blast through blocks; flourish with creative abundance; write your truth from the depth of your being; contact your wild and unique wisdom; and gain confidence in your innate writing intelligence. You’ll connect at the level of heart and art with a loving group of women writers, receive supportive feedback, inspiration, validation and accountability.

Writing Coaching sessions: Personalized, in-depth support tailored to you and your writing needs. We will meet exactly where you are and work on the practical as well as the internal obstacles to your expression:

Take your writing to the next level; receive supportive feedback from an experienced writing coach on any aspect of your writing/project; get started on your project; receive organizational support for your project; engage in deeply personalized work around your writing vision/blocks; blast through ruts with personalized prompts; step into your writing identity; receive inspiration, validation and accountability; release stored trauma that is creating obstacles to your expression; experience the epiphanies that occur when we work at both the conscious and energetic levels