Why we do what we do

These kind reflections are the voices of some of the participants and co-facilitators in my classes.

“In 2012, I had the pleasure to facilitate a writing workshop with Marn Norwich at the Vancouver Public Library. Marni employs a refreshingly unique and effective method for teaching creative writing.
“Her workshop was based on themes reflected in a number of the poems from her collection, Wildflowers at my Doorstep, including ”the body” and “women who inspire.” Throughout the workshop she read these poems as gateways to the writing exercises she presented. In this way, the reading and the writing were interspersed.

“Marn also provided guided visualization exercises and, most importantly, an opportunity for the participants to share their writing with the group.

“As a librarian I value diversity, access for all, innovation, and creativity. Marn’s strength lies in her capacity to put these values to practice. Marn has the innate ability to inspire anyone — even those with no previous writing experience — to not only tap into their creative conscience, but to feel confident enough to write “on the spot” and share their writing with a group.

“I was particularly overjoyed to see some of our regular patrons, many of whom are socially and economically disenfranchised, feel welcome and actively participate in this inclusive workshop. Marn's open teaching methods and her individual warmth removed any barriers that would prevent anyone from feeling they are not capable of writing. Marn’s workshop was, truly, in concert with the mission and values of the Vancouver Public Library, as she created a free place for everyone to discover and share their creative ideas.

“Marn Norwich’s natural ability to create a supportive environment conducive for creative writing is simply unparalleled!
Caroline Crow
Librarian, Vancouver Public Library
"Marn is a master of creating a welcoming group environment. She nurtures retreat attendees in a way that is to build trust in oneself and at the same time to build trust in others. The intimate group setting is perfect for writing, sharing, hearing, and communicating. Words are a part of our nature, and guided by Marn in her Women's Writing as Healing Retreat, words have provoked a new awareness of being alive, mindful, and in control of my destiny. She is a blessing. Highly recommended.”
Lea Chambers
Vancouver, BC
“I have taught alongside Marn Norwich for the past seven years, primarily in recovery centres. Marn not only brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes but a spirit and empathy which allows room for people to express their innermost voices without hesitation. Marn creates this wonderful space consistently. Her dedication to her work shows in her preparation, her interaction and her follow-up. I recommend Marn's classes for anyone wanting to add an extra tool to their healing kit. ”
Bonnie Nish, MA, Arts Education
Executive Director Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society,
“I have had the great pleasure of co-facilitating writing workshops with Marn Norwich at Pacifica several times over the past year and a half. “Marn’s calming energy peppered with her humour and brilliant passion for the literary make her as much a teacher for me as she is a colleague. “I am in awe of her ability to engage the participants and guide them gently and knowledgeably on a journey of healing through written expression. “On several occasions during the break in our sessions, participants have approached Marn in gratitude for her work.”
Taslim Jaffer
Vancouver, BC
"I honestly can't recommend Writing as Healing highly enough. Marn is genius in her guidance through self healing. Each workshop has a specific theme, and we are introduced to the works of countless brilliant writers. Each piece is carefully chosen not only to augment the week’s theme, but to open our consciousness and strengthen our confidence, all the while supporting us to feel comforted, expansive and inspired to write and heal. Setting the tone of safety and respect, Marn is always incredibly present and encouraging. After each series I realize something new about myself, which brings a shift in my body, heart and soul. The Writing as Healing sessions are a huge highlight for me, and it's non-negotiable that I make time to attend. Best investment EVER!"
Marie Ingram
Vancouver, BC
"Participating in Marn's writing workshop has easily become the highlight of my week. Not only is she a beautiful writer herself, she is just a wonderful and kind energy. She is warm and inviting when we all meet, and she provides such reflective and insightful feedback. She has created a truly nurturing environment to allow for writers at all levels to flourish. Each session is thoughtfully curated with guided meditations, inspiring quotes and video clips, and provoking prompts. Marn provides a space where we can all write freely, share vulnerably and hold each other with such compassion. When we get together in her workshop, it is absolute and pure magic."
Annie Phung
Vancouver, BC
“Marn Norwich honours both the creative and recovery processes in her work as a facilitator. She first creates a safe space among the group. As they warm to the experience, she provides insight into the creative process so that participants begin to trust and experiment with the tool of writing. “As her classes progress, she offers powerful literary examples that touch on key themes in recovery and healing. She is wise in how she paces classes so participants who opt to do so may gradually delve deeper and comfortably into their personal histories. “Marn has mastered the ability to hold a safe space when participants choose to share raw and painful experiences. She offers them a way to emotionally process the negative into heartfelt poems and prose and provides warm feedback that demonstrates the power in sharing their truths. “Over the two years that I co-facilitated writing classes with Marn at Pacifica Treatment Centre, her quiet power as a facilitator led to many participants’ personal breakthroughs.”
Lindsay G. Kwan, Toronto, Ont.
Writing, Editing & Communications Editor, Art Coordinator & Director, Room Magazine
“I joined Marn's 'Women's Writing as Healing' workshops during a transitional period in my life when healing and reconnecting with my love of writing had become essential. Something truly magical transpires through Marn's facilitation. She leads by example, responding thoughtfully to each contribution, holding space, and validating where we are in our healing journey. Her intuitive, attentive approach creates a nearly palpable sense of safety and connection in the room, transforming strangers into a circle of trust, support, and inspiration. “Marn's approach to the writing itself is equally masterful. Her prompts are expansive: she invites us to look deeply into ourselves and our worlds and to visualize with honesty what we want in our present and future. I've struggled with rumination in my writing for years, but Marn's techniques have helped me to transcend those blocks and write with fresh perspectives. Her writing insights are always encouraging and tailored to each person's style, purpose, and goals. "I leave each workshop brimming with inspiration and new self-knowledge. Attending her workshops is easily one of the best things I've ever done for my well-being, for my love of writing, and for my sense of wonder and appreciation for women.”
Amanda Hobbs
Marn's writing workshops are a healing offering that is rare to find. Each week, I felt myself open and ease into processing different layers of what was moving through my body, mind, and spirit. Her facilitation is graceful and intuitive, filled with love, powerful insights, and ways of seeing deep into you that feel nurturing and give you permission to finally see yourself with the same bright eyes. The women she attracts are truly just as caring, talented, and genuine as Marn, which created a safe, nourishing, and enjoyable space amongst us even when we were exploring heavier material. There's so much I could say about this workshop and Marn but it's a sliver of the full embodiment of the gorgeous, uplifting, and unique journey that I experienced.
Marlene Malik Toronto, ON
"After working with Marn for a year now, I can safely say that this is a special offering, and Marn is a special person. I found Marn while I was in a deep healing process, and not only did the sessions help me process what I was going through, but they also gave me the most beautiful community of sisters while developing my writing practice. Through Marn, I came to find myself again as a writer and poet. She facilitates such a great space, creates excellent themes and prompts and sees the light in everyone. I came out feeling more myself and deeply connected. If you're thinking about working with her, take this as a sign that you must!”
Amber Keith, Tofino, BC
“Wednesdays are now the highlight of my week thanks to Marn and her warm generous spirit! She has a gift for creating a beautiful safe and sacred space, allowing for thoughtful dialogue, tranquility, self-reflection, and empowerment. I have never felt so comfortable, and am excited to continue my journey with these wonderful women! I can’t thank you enough, Marn.”
Jasmine, Vancouver, BC
“I had a wonderful experience in the Writing as Healing workshop for women, hosted by Marn Norwich. She was open, warm, hospitable and exceptionally intuitive with each of the participants in our group. She provided space for us to honour our truths in whatever was going on for us at the time. The poetry she selected as prompts was amazing and inspirational, and the themes were on point for healing and renewing ourselves in the midst of a chaotic world. I enjoyed the connection with all the women and the beauty of sharing our varied perspectives through our individual writing journeys. This workshop brought a lot more richness to my life than I expected, and I am so appreciative of the experience. Thank you Marn! ❤”
Tracy Carruthers
Vancouver, BC
“I thoroughly enjoyed the Women's Writing as Healing workshop. Marn is a skilled and seasoned facilitator, has thoughtful prompts and themes, and creates a wonderfully supportive space to share. She is encouraging, warm, and seems to always know exactly the right topic to explore at certain times. Joining this course allowed me to to not only see the power of writing as a form of healing, but sharing, too. It was an honour to be part of the space and experience she created.”
Safeena Dhalla
Vancouver, BC
"In the few months prior to finding Marn’s free introductory session, I had tried and failed to reconnect with a Writer’s group. I knew how important it was to have a circle of like-hearted souls to share my writing with. I was stuck in pain and grief and not managing to apply myself to my calling, feeling that I needed a tribe of women to buoy my drive to write. Halfway through the intro session, I knew this was the group for me. Marn held space and facilitated in a purposeful, encouraging and deeply compassionate way. My writing grew in its authenticity as I gained confidence every week, showing up to the love and validation of my fellow women creatives. I felt a bond forming with the group that encouraged more courageous and expressive writing, and I felt many blocks lift and my muse began to flow. The timing was perfect for me to find Marn’s workshop and I am extremely grateful that I did. The experience has put my book-writing project back to number one on my priority list after a five-year hiatus and provided the solidarity and confidence I needed to show up for my soul’s call to action – to write!"
Rebecca Bear, PhD
Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia
"I'm beyond thankful for the time I spent in the Women's Writing as Healing workshop with Marn and the other women who made our time together such a special place to be. I write web copy for a living, but had been feeling incredibly blocked creatively and down on myself because I had no emotional connection to what I was writing anymore. Having an opportunity to re-explore this space from a purely creative and self compassionate place has completely reignited my passion. I feel less judgemental of my own abilities, more willing to make mistakes and embrace imperfections, and am increasingly able to express what's inside me — a welcome, freeing change from that stuck feeling I'd been experiencing for so long. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to any woman who is looking for a warm, safe, welcoming space to share and feel supported. Simply put, it's a magical experience."
Rosanna Chipkin
Vancouver, BC
"I came to the Lab looking for a way to concentrate more deeply. Marn’s MuseLab sessions taught me the usefulness of first calming my breath and grounding my body. Her very original writing prompts opened the door to many new stairways in my imagination, and the process of timed writing in a group created an intensity that made my act of writing much more urgent. Marn’s demonstration of compassionate, kind and alert listening showed me how to listen to and respond to other writers’ work; best of all came an increasing compassion toward my own writing. I wasn’t sure I would be able to share my writing, but Marn and the other women made it easy and even welcoming; better though was how listening to and responding to everyone else’s writing assured me I was in the company of women powerfully committed to their writing. I want to be like them!"
Vancouver, BC
"Before taking Marn’s workshops, I had never read my work out loud and was uncomfortable with the idea of sharing anything I had written, as it was never “good enough”. I come from an academic background and had never thought to give time and attention to creative writing in the same way I would to other forms of communication. Taking Marn’s workshop series, specifically the Muse Lab, has helped me beyond words. I’ve stepped into my tone and voice as a writer, explored different types of storytelling and feel comfortable with the long and complex stages of creating a literary work. I’ve learned to let go of my perfectionism, lean into my creativity and trust that I’ll be able to edit and build upon what I initially create. Beyond my improvements as a writer from these courses, I’ve grown as a person and find the weekly meetings a grounding force for my personal growth. The connections I’ve found with the other women in these circles have done wonders for my self-esteem and trust in myself as a writer. If you’re looking to start writing or are ready to develop your writing practice, I can’t recommend Marn’s workshops enough — they have truly changed my life."
Zoe Benyon-MacKinnon
Vancouver, BC
"I just finished my first Muse Lab with Marn. For those two hours I felt transported and never really knew what would come up in the session, but something always did. Before signing up, I felt called to write more and dedicate myself to the craft, but I had serious doubts about my ability and my voice. Being in such a supportive and collaborative space allowed me to safely explore those aspects, and I have gained so much confidence and joy at hearing my own voice and having it harmonize with other writers. One memorable sentiment was “writing in Muse Lab is a jam”. What an absolute wonder and joy it was to connect and feel each other’s words and experiences. I’m still reveling in the after-glow. My heart and spirit thank you Marn."
Tracy Hall
North Vancouver, B.C.
"I can't remember if I ever wrote you to say thank you and tell you how much I loved your workshop!! Your presence and heartfulness is beyond words. Being a participant in your workshop warmed my heart, inspired me and brought through a really magical reflection."
Julie Burrows
Whistler, B.C
“I attended Marn’s writing workshop at the Library Square in September 2011. Her techniques on how to slow down and sink into one’s writing were insightful and rewarding but that is not what made her class so special. What is unique about Marn is the level of safety she inspires. There is always this dread, at least for me, in sharing one’s work in front of a crowd. Marn holds the space in such a way that it is easy to get up and read, in fact, desirous to do so. She treats each piece of work as sacred—you feel honoured to have shared. I highly recommend Marn in helping to bring out your most creative aspects.”
Felt like “home” no matter who attended #Writing - Just finished a six week “Creative Writing Power-Pack” with Marn and several other creative types. You can find Marn on the #MEETUP App. Awesome!!! Great learning from students and Marn alike. Diverse group and all supportive. Felt like “home” no matter who attended. Marn is a very special person with lots to share and encourages each person to share as well. INCLUSIVE. Check her offerings out on #MEETUP. I’m in for more sharing, caring and learning from gentle nudges.
Catherine Wade, ICD.D, Vancouver, BC
Director at PDAC
“I can tell you that your time with us has made an impact. Team members are taking greater care with emails, making an effort to be warmer in tones, supporting and reflecting back to each other. “I have never seen a training with such lasting impact! Thanks again for taking such great care to respond to our needs.”
Astarte Sands, Vancouver, BC
Volunteer Coordinator, MOSAIC

“In her workshops, Marn Norwich creates a safe and supportive environment for participants of all writing abilities to explore their creativity. Her facilitation style is empowering and inclusive. I came away from this workshop with the courage to share my writing, and a greater sense of inspiration for my creative work. Marn has a gift for inspiring the creative process and helping participants delve deeper into their writing. Her many years of experience as a facilitator and a writer were evident in the way she held a gentle and powerful space for us as a group.”
Catherine Wilcox, M.Ed, BC
Management Consultant
“In 2011, I participated in a writing workshop led by Marn Norwich, a gifted writer and teacher. Marn structured the workshop around themes found in her book of poetry, Wildflowers at My Doorstep. An inventive instructor who is as attuned to her audience as she is to her material, she used these themes to invite reflection and as beginning points for writing exercises. In an atmosphere of warmth, intelligence, and acceptance, participants wrote and shared their work. Without hesitation I recommend Marn as a choice writing workshop instructor.”
Morgan Chojnacki, Vancouver, BC
“You are an inspiration as a writer. I love your amazing creativity that was displayed in the handouts and pieces you shared with us. When we have a facilitator like you, no matter if our first language is not English, we as writers become stimulated to create!…I love your stories and your warm approach to giving us feedback.”
Paula Quiros, Vancouver, BC
“Marn’s writing genius comes from some deep connection to The Goddess. It is practical, spare, incisive, grounded and always uplifting. Her spoken word pulls us with the imperative, Listen, and is impossible not to.”
Dave Dumaresq, BC
“Just wanted to tell you, I thought the class was wonderful I wish I didn’t have to miss so much, but you made it easy for me to still get the information. I loved your energy and teaching style, I think you made everyone feel comfortable to share and participate in the class exercises. I will definitely continue to recommend your course to people I know.”
Megan Barker, Vancouver, BC
“The gentle and insightful approach Marn offers in her writing/ healing workshops provides a safe and supportive space, enabling a writer of any ability to shed light on those hidden places that have longed to see the light of day. Places that when seen find ease, clarity and perspective and are breathed out of the shadows, back into life’s flow, to find their rightful place.”
Cheree Bacchus, Vancouver, BC
“I really appreciated Marni’s warm encouragement and the supportive culture she created in the classroom. Seeing as a few of us were quite insecure about our writing it helped to foster a healthy environment. Her presentation of topics was enthusiastic and creative.”
Leslie Kennah, Vancouver, BC
“I am so grateful I took the plunge and signed up for Marn's writing workshop. I was hesitant about doing a course on Zoom, but I felt so much human connection and inspiration from the very first session that any doubt quickly disappeared. If you want to force yourself to dedicate that time to feel the writing magic, I cannot recommend Marn and her workshops enough!”
Sarah Howell, Vancouver, BC
“As a person with limited hand mobility and a speech impairment, I often feel anxious when joining a group where I'm the only person with a disability. People who are non-disabled aren't always accommodating. They think that they have to make ‘special’ arrangements just for you. I'm happy to say that wasn't the case with Marn. After I informed her that it would be easier to use email and the Zoom chat feature to communicate, she asked what other accommodations she could make for me. I don't know if the other women in the group knew it or not; the accommodations Marn made for me were also extended to them. I really felt a part of the coming together of women. In the six-week session, I wrote from a more in-depth spiritual place than before. Marn truly made my experience in the group something I'll cherish forever. I have taken several of Marn's workshops. Women from different backgrounds and walks of life are strangers at the beginning. After weeks of trusting each other with personal stories and giving constructive feedback, by the end, there's a strong sisterhood.”
Theresa Yates, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“I am very blessed that my path crossed with Marn's. I believe she entered into my life at the most opportune time. As an avid journal writer with a secret prose infatuation, I felt called energetically to participate in her online Women's Writing for Healing workshop. I immediately felt supported and nurtured, finding safety and freedom to express myself within my writings, and was able to share within the group sessions! My experience can be summed up as an emotional release! The course was a tool for transformation, emotional growth and healing of childhood trauma. It was a very special and memorable experience, that I wish many will have the courage to embark on, to find freedom.”
Lisa Parans Vancouver, BC
“To put it simply — Marn’s workshops have changed my life in the best and most beautiful ways. The joy I access each week has made these sessions essential, and I continue to sign up month after month! I am honestly indebted to Marn and the depth of her compassion. As a facilitator she is beyond encouraging and intuitive, and I am blessed to consider her a mentor whose impact on my healing journey has been profound. I will always cherish our connection and the relationships I’ve cultivated with the other divine women in the group. My writing has flourished under her guidance and invaluable insight, and the work we explore and respond to offers such incredible depth. I cannot thank Marn enough!"
Grace Burtnick Vancouver, BC
“The writing circles that Marn facilitates have provided such a wonderful and safe space for me to grow personally and to continue the search for my voice. My contributions ebb and flow depending on where I am at, but the act of sitting in and witnessing the genius, creativity, positivity, and relentless support that takes place in these workshops has left me feeling positively refreshed, revitalized and thoroughly inspired. Marn has created such a needed space for writers to connect and be inspired to grow artistically and move through their journeys. I am tremendously grateful for Marn’s contribution to this community.”
Sylvia Chow Vancouver, BC
“I entered Marn’s Women writing for healing series in a time of personal recovery. I can’t tell you how long it was before I actually got myself to my first circle. I knew by the compassion I felt from Marn when I first reached out that she trusted my timing. Once I braved in, finding my voice came tentatively and grew each session. Unlike a class where a teacher would critique your work, Marn has a way of loving your voice into motion. To be believed in before I had even recognized it in myself — that’s what makes Marn’s writing courses so empowering. It’s like one day I simply woke up and saw for myself in the company of some very fine women that I AM a writer. In the non-judgemental format that Marn facilitates her writing for healing circles, even if you simply share your process of working with a prompt, the circle listens and it can be profoundly healing. I came away feeling seen, heard and appreciated, and I learned that every circle sister has a timing and a way that is uniquely hers to speak in.”
Lynda Perry, Vancouver, BC
“If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a collective writing experience where you are held in a vast, intimate, safe and supportive environment as you plumb the depths and discover new territory, the Muse Lab has a built-in chemistry that helps to release any assumptions you may have about your unique writing voice and process. What does that look like? It all begins with Marn’s meditations at the start of each circle where she gently invites each writer to mindfully observe the inner state we are bringing into the writing space and to cultivate our most honest and authentic point of creativity to engage from. What unfolds when women begin to share this co-created writing field and witness one another’s writing can be unexpectedly intimate, self-revealing and mutually awe-inspiring. It has everything to do with the courage and willingness of each writer present to show up fully, and Marn has that gift to truly welcome the Muse forward. For me, the growth in my self-honouring and writing, along with being part of a larger container for the diversity of Life wisdom to flow through has been a profound source of joy, anchor and inspiration.”
Lynda Perry, Vancouver, BC
“I've been writing forever. When I started this workshop I had never shared any of my writing with anyone. I didn't have any confidence in my writing at all. I didn't believe anyone would enjoy my work and wondered if people would laugh at me. When I joined the workshop, I met an incredible group of women who gave me their time, listened to any of the writing I shared and gave me feedback that has really changed how I view my own writing. When I first read out loud a piece of writing I had done, I was shaking— I almost made myself dizzy with nerves. I am now in the early stages of writing a book. I can’t put into words how much this workshop has helped me; ironic, yes. But I would highly recommend Marn's workshop to anyone and for all styles of writing.”
Tamara Beasley , Vancouver, BC
"Before working with Marn and attending the writing workshops, I was too scared to take the first step and actually allow myself to sit down and write. The atmosphere that Marn facilitated in these workshops was one of deep connection, affirmation, and inspiration — everything I could have asked for! Her words of support and encouragement allowed me to expand and explore my ideas and finally bring the stories that were flowering within me to life. I appreciated the support and contributions of the other women in the group, too! I felt so much love and inspiration at each workshop. This allowed me to overcome my fears of reading my work out loud, my struggles with finding the motivation to write and general feelings of imposter syndrome that have plagued me for many years. The loving and supportive nature of these workshops also allowed me to navigate my grieving process. I am so grateful to Marn!"
Nilou Davoudi Vancouver, BC

Coaching, Editing

“Marn’s coaching has been a profound and magical experience for me. Our time together has been transformative — a huge turning point for me with regard to building confidence in myself as a writer. I chose Marn for her empathy and gentleness and found that we were aligned, that I could trust her with my writing. No matter what she says, it’s positive coming out of her mouth. Inquisitiveness and trustworthiness are her core qualities. Our sessions inspired me to share my work with other writers, to grow an intimacy with my writing and expand what I’m willing to put on the page. Trusting others with my writing helped me to override my second-guessing and self-criticism. Without Marn I would have given up, quit, walked away. My memoir is at 450 pages now, and I’m proud of it every time I read it! I could never repay Marn for the impact her coaching has had on my development as a writer.”
Cathy Wade, ICD.D, Vancouver, BC
Director at PDAD
“I have found coaching with Marn to be nothing short of spectacular. As a writing coach, she approaches the writer as a whole individual. She listens deeply for what is needed in the moment. This could look like anything from writing together, editing together, researching, brainstorming, to speaking feelings in the moment or moving through emotional or mental blocks. Being an energy healer and an established author herself, Marn brings warmth, care, experience and compassion to all my coaching sessions. I feel held personally, professionally and spiritually. This has helped me to seek publishing options and share from my truest creative heart. I feel fully confident in publishing my first full book this coming year and look forward to many more — with Marn’s support!”
Zoey Punyavati Wren Nelson, BC
“I’m highly impressed with Marni’s editing service. She has assisted me over the past year in editing my first book and helped me considerably in believing in myself and trusting the writing process. Marni is a dedicated writer who has embraced my project with compassion and care, opening herself to my concepts and stories with personal interest and professional attention to detail. She doesn’t miss a thing and is consistently mindful of flow and structure as she probes for clarity, while remaining conscientious of my particular style of writing. I recommend Marni for anyone who wants to work with someone who is purposeful, committed and enthralled with their project.”
"I am an experienced journalist who has a soon-to-be published memoir. But I was stuck—the proverbial writer’s block. With Marn’s professional guidance, I was able to be at one with my Mac again. Over the course of several coaching sessions, I wrote an extremely personal piece with Marn as my editor. She was acute and empathetic, experienced and talented—in fact, nothing short of brilliant. I ended up with a piece so polished that I submitted it to a national newspaper. I am confident it will be published. Thank you, Marn."
“I cannot thank you enough! I am so happy to have made this decision and have you work with me! I just read your notes and was blown away! I think you have a wonderful perspective of my writing, both the challenges and the insights. I couldn’t have asked for a more poignant consultant. I will be referring back to this document again and again this weekend!”
Trina Ferguson, Vancouver, BC
“Marn Norwich was the obvious choice for the edit of my memoir this year. In the past, I had taken a few writing courses with her, and I enjoyed her remarkable ability to bring out the most creative aspects of my writing. I have been enthused by her points for consideration and her sensitivity to my story. She offered a range of thoughts with regard to my subject matter as well as a selection of possible avenues to take in the direction and arc of my story. She is highly skilled at editing and in catering to your needs as a writer, yet does not pander to your whims. She gets her point across with direction and distinction, offering a multitude of thoughts to consider. I highly recommend her for any writing endeavor you may undertake.”
Trina Ferguson, Vancouver, BC
“Marn is the ideal editor: knowledgeable yet humble; methodical yet creative. She was my first thought when I needed expert help for my memoir. Marn encouraged my unique expression and sense of rhythm while balancing it with questions that not only clarified the meaning I so wanted to articulate but helped me see the myriad of ways my words might be interpreted. Through this, however, she always made it clear that the final choice was always mine. Encompassing all this is a sense of joy that Marn finds—and imparts to others— through the art of writing. She is an uplifting source when self-doubt and fear get in the way of doing what I love.”
“I feel so lucky to have found Marn Norwich when I began searching for an editor for my first children’s book. What caught my attention were her professional yet simple website and the many different editing/proofreading packages she offered. She exceeded my expectations. She was professional and thorough. Her knowledge and expertise was obvious and invaluable. I have no doubt that my work is much better for having gone to Marn! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
I come from Hong Kong and have worked as a government officer in Vancouver for more than 15 years. As English is my second language, I am stressed whenever I am tasked to write a document. I always feel that I cannot express my thoughts clearly and keep making embarrassing grammatical mistakes. I consider this as the biggest barrier to my career advancement. I am very happy that I found Marn. Through our one-on-one sessions, I realize my common mistakes and learn how to connect sentences and paragraphs. This helps me to express my ideas more freely. Marn’s passion for writing is inspiring, and she is very patient and nice to work with. Not only does Marn point out the areas that I need to work on, she also helps me to gain confidence in writing anything. I cannot speak highly enough of Marn.
Esther Chan, Vancouver, BC
“I was extremely impressed with Marn’s editing services. Marn worked closely with me until we produced a document that exceeded my expectations. She’s a very skilled writer and editor, along with possessing a professionalism and cheerfulness. I will definitely use her editing services in the future.”
Cheryl Harris, Vancouver, BC

Energy Work

"I've had the good fortune to receive Marn's reiki many times. In fact, I don't know what I'd do without her! Two different sessions of distance reiki come to mind:
1)I was extremely anxious about an upcoming root canal while living across the country from her so I asked Marn to send reiki to help me get through the appointment. As I headed into the dentist's office, I felt a tremendous calm and oddly, a sense of excitement. Later when I checked in with Marn, the timing of her reiki and my sense of calm matched up perfectly. Not only did the root canal go really well, but it was the best dental experience I've ever had. And we're talking about a root canal, people.
2)The other session was when our dog was sick from an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. We were running out with Button every hour day and night for 48 hours because of the vomiting and diarrhea he experienced in reaction to benadryl. When he refused to eat for the first (and last!) time in his life, I knew he needed Marn's reiki. The exact moment that Marn told me on the phone that she felt the reiki being accepted, Button got up, went to his dinner and ate his entire meal without incident. He was back to his old self from that moment on. Marn has a gift for channelling healing energy, and I can't recommend her enough."
“My husband had been in terrible pain for 12 days with a kidney stone and was getting no help from doctors. Within half an hour of receiving distant healing from Marn, he got out of bed, had a bath, got dressed and called the B.C. NurseLine. This resulted in going back to ER, getting better medication, better information and proper pain relief. Within 48 hours, my husband passed the stone. We were both so grateful and relieved! Without Marn’s intuitive insights and healing energy this could have drawn out a lot longer and been a cause for a lot more suffering. We are so grateful that no surgery was required. Thank you, Marn for your love, care and powerful gifts!”
Zoey Punyavati Wren, B.C.
Marn Norwich has an incredible talent for therapeutic healing, energy work. I have worked with her for many years and received her powerful energetic influence. I calm down, get centred, and feel safe with her in charge of my body and senses. Her intuitive insights are always accurate and we always share a little humour about it. It’s wonderful to work with someone so in touch with their gifts. I highly recommend her for intuitive, healing energy work.
Trina Ferguson Vancouver, B.C
"Marn is a wonderful healer - both deep yet really practical and real. I would highly recommend her energy work. I felt heard and experienced many breakthrough moments after our time together."
Anna Martin, Vancouver, BC
“Marn is a wonder woman. She’s kind and deeply intuitive. She authentically engages with her clients and helps guide them to a stronger understanding of self, all the while listening and never imposing. I’ve had several long distance sessions with Marn and always leave protected, loved and more aware than before. A gift!”
“I am feeling much better mentally and emotionally, although still quite tired. I am still processing the information you shared - the images, symbols and meanings. I felt lighter and motivated enough that I applied for a job yesterday for a Story Interviewer & Writer position. I had been wanting to apply for this job but didn't have the desire or energy to be upbeat and smile for a video. The session we had miraculously helped in unblocking the physical and creative energy I needed. Overall, the session was really healing and encouraging to help me move forward.”
Tina Chee, Vancouver BC
"My mother was in the hospital, barely breathing following emergency surgery, when my friend suggested sending her reiki. I agreed to it, knowing that reiki couldn't do any harm and wouldn't interfere with her medical treatment. (Her doctors were in wait-and-see mode at this point.) To my relief and amazement, my mom's breathing and vitals improved shortly after Marn began focusing on her.
I'm not suggesting that reiki alone can change the course of a disease or condition, and I know that what I experienced could have been a coincidence. Given our times, I want to underline that I put my faith in mainstream medicine first. But I'm also able to imagine that complementary treatments from people as gifted as Marn can be deeply calming and therapeutic. Whatever happened, I was truly grateful!"
Marie M
"From the first introductory class I took with Marn, I knew I had found the right person to guide me in my journey of self discovery. Marn exudes a quiet strength and a generous heart. I took the Writing as Healing Workshop with her prior to taking the Women's Intuitive and Energy Work workshop. I have learned so much in both workshops particularly, in the Women's Intuitive and Energy Work workshop. This workshop is for anyone who wants to be more in touch and in tune with their intuition, and themselves. Marn created a safe space for all of us to share deeply and lovingly. There were moments of great insight, unbridled laughter and streaming tears. These all took place in a safe circle of sisterhood. I am still blown away by how much love and respect we all felt for one another despite only knowing one another for 6 weeks. It is true that time doesn't matter, only resonance. I resonated with every woman in my group. I am truly grateful for Marn and her special gift for creating such powerful circles of trust and love.”
Stephanie Samboo, Oakville, Ontario

Recovery Centre Participants

“Marn brings a peaceful, accepting approach to her class, where support is encouraged. There is no judgment, or right or wrong. We are encouraged to be thoughtful and expressive. The fact that little or no writing experience or educational standards are needed allows anyone to participate. I would definitely attend her classes regularly.”
Steve, Lower Mainland, BC
“I felt like I let out more and was less stressed…Putting pen to paper and sharing what I wrote helps stress… I enjoyed this introduction and I wish more people would really give it a chance.”
Participant, Lower Mainland, BC
“Marn is dedicated to her craft in a warm manner. Her compassion and joy create an environment that allowed us to open ourselves through writing…Marn was generous and helpful. She was obviously very excited and involved in the writing craft…Writing is fun and an avenue not always explored. By having this opportunity I could write a feeling and “see” it…Many people worked hard to write and wanted to share what they had written. Fun!…I found I really liked poetry and that it doesn’t have to be down, it can be playful, too…”
Liam, Lower Mainland, BC
“[The workshop] gave me the ability to get in touch with my feelings and explore a different side of writing…I enjoyed explaining writing and my creative side. Gave me confidence in my writing ability and that it can be fun…I learned that I can write and get in touch with my feelings.”
Participant, Lower Mainland, BC
“Hearing my story in other peoples’ writing brought about a healing therapeutic value…I would like to just listen to Marn and all her knowledge and wisdom around introspective writing…I also enjoyed just listening to her read poetry.”
Participant, Lower Mainland, BC
“I think this is such a good emotional outlet, and it builds self-esteem…Marn created a safe and inspiring space for us to explore our thoughts and open up. This workshop reconnected me to a passion I’ve always had for poetry and creative prose. I feel re-inspired in my recovery and inspired to start writing for myself again.”
Participant, Lower Mainland, BC
“I learned to open up and learned about my peers.”
Participant, Lower Mainland, BC
“I think that writing about feelings and emotions is an integral part of recovery. Creating also helps build self-esteem, which is wonderful because so many of us come into recovery with no self-esteem whatsoever.”
Participant, Lower Mainland, BC