Intuitive Development + Energy Work Series

women’s online INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT + ENERGY WORK series: 6 Fridays, January 22 – February 16, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30/9 p.m. PST

The Women’s Intuitive Development + Energy Work Workshop offers women an introduction to intuitive development and energy work. It respond to the needs of women to connect to and support each other in a close circle. It fosters personal growth, healing and spiritual insight.

Who is this Workshop for?
  • You’re curious about the intuitive process and would like to expand your intuitive capacity
  • You’ve heard about energy work and wonder how it can be used to support yourself and others
  • You’re a social animal and benefit from being part of a circle of close, supportive women
  • You know how important it is for women to be there for each other through the craziness of life
  • You like to laugh! You also respect the power of tears to release us from pain and open us to healing
  • You recognize when you’d benefit from some healing, and you have an openness to the spiritual. You are alive to the concept that the material world is just part of the picture

Winter 2022

Women’s Online Intuitive Development + Energy Work series

6 Fridays 6:30 – 8:30/9 p.m. PST January 22 – February  26, 2022

This six-part series offers an experiential intro to intuition and energy work within a support-group framework. Authenticity and playfulness are key players!

Sessions include: check-ins; guided visualizations; intro to intuition; intuition circle; intro to energy work; partner and group energy healing; and exercises designed to connect us with the creative, the divine and ourselves. No experience required!


The Online Intuitive Development + Energy Work Series 6-pack (12-15 hours): $250/$227 (Wise Woman Special) inclusive

Wise Woman Special (expires 24 hours after your Free Intro)

To register, please email with your workshop and date(s). Once your course is confirmed, you may register via e-transfer to or by PayPal through this site.

The opportunity for writing, healing + connection should be available to all women.
If price is an object, please inquire.
Sliding scale options available for women on social assistance and disability and for others who are making/surviving on $22,000 CA or less/year.

About Your Facilitator

Marn Norwich has been facilitating healing workshops since 2000 and writing workshops since 1994.

She has been practicing energy work for 25 years and has studied modalities from Healing Touch and shiatsu through reiki and body-energy counselling.

She’s currently training to be a reiki teacher.

Marn has taught workshops in Intro to Shiatsu, Acupressure for Self-Care and Women’s Intuitive Development + Energy Work.

She loves facilitating healing workshops for women. It’s a great pleasure for her to witness women opening to their intuition and healing capacities. It is utter magic to be present in these workshops while women astonish themselves and each other with their innate gifts. It is also so beautiful to witness women coming together as a community to support individuals in the workshop through through their joys and life challenges.

Please see About for more about Marn and her work.

Photo by Alexis Brown

What is the Women’s Intuitive Development + Energy Work Workshop?

The Workshop is a six-week series of weekly sessions designed to provide you with an introduction to the intutive process and energy work within a supportive setting.

You’ll be part of an intimate group of women who support each other as they share intuition, energy healing, thoughts, emotions and experiences in a safe and dynamic environment.

Each week you’ll explore a different aspect of intuition and energy work through mini PowerPoint lecture, dialogue and exercises.

Examples are the different types of intuition, the chakras, the human energy field, distant healing, crystals and sending healing to future events.

You’ll enjoy guided visualizations and the opportunity in each workshop to receive intuitive guidance and healing from the group as a whole and/or from individual women.

The Intuitive Development + Energy Work series is an incubator for spiritual growth, healing and inspiration! It is driven by the power of sisterhood – by women tapping into our natural intuitive capacities to nurture each other to be our best.