Writing for Recovery

Writing for Recovery is an empowerment-focussed workshop series for people in recovery from trauma or chemical, behavioural or emotional addiction.

Workshops support participants to:

remember their creative potential
explore their journeys through written and verbal expression
remember their strength, power, courage, joy and inspiration
listen to and support each other
break through blocks
continue to write with new or renewed inspiration

In these classes, creative writing becomes a vehicle to empower people to connect with themselves and each other at a core level and in a dynamic setting.

Scientific studies demonstrate that writing plays a significant role in physical and psychological healing.

“Emotional writing” – closely related to the writing that occurs in these workshops – is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, depression and blood pressure; and improve overall wellbeing, cognitive function, work efficiency and immunity.

Workshop components include:

Guided visualization
Creative writing games and prompts
Group and partner dialogue
Inspiration from great writers and artists
Optional non-critical sharing of writing
Connection/networkong with local writers
Take-away concepts for home practice
Contextualization of activities through creativity/empowerment framework

In these workshops, Marn Norwich fuses 25 years of experience facilitating writing workshops with her decades of work as an intuitive energy therapist. She has facilitated Recovery Workshops on-site in addiction treatment since 2012.

These writing workshops are safe, intentional environments conducive for creative exploration and expansion. Participants are encouraged to relax and enjoy while they connect with other writers and themselves.

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For more info on her Writing for Recovery service, please see http://writing4recovery.com