Writing as Healing

· Express your truth

· Experience the healing power of your words

· Access your creativity

· Empower yourself

· Expand yourself as a writer

· Share your writing and hear other’s words

· Get inspired!

Join an intimate circle of writers for a journey toward self-healing through written expression. This series includes check-ins; guided visualization; inspiring writing prompts; exercises to invite us to connect with the creative, the divine and ourselves through writing; optional sharing of writing; individual energy healing; and dialogue. No writing experience required!

For this series, Marn Norwich fuses her background as an intuitive energy therapist with her experience as a writing workshop facilitator (http://marninorwich.com/intuitive-energy-work/). This workshop series is designed to empower writers to connect with their creative selves and inner knowing while giving and receiving support in a safe, welcoming environment.

Writing is a time-honoured road toward healing!

Scientific studies demonstrate that writing plays a significant role in physical and psychological healing. ( http://writing4recovery.com/scientific-studies/ ) Benefits include: reduction in anxiety, depression and blood pressure; and improved cognitive function, sleep, social connection and immunity.

For more info about expressive writing as a healing tool, see Marn’s babe, Writing for Recovery ( http://writing4recovery.com/ ).