ESL Writing + Mentorship

Strengthen your written English! This applied course supports participants to clarify the wording and structure of their writing by bringing actual samples to the classroom to be used as teaching vehicles. We teach the structure and rules for effective written English using business and creative writing samples. Three-hour sessions. (An on-screen projector is necessary for this workshop.)

Depending on workshop length, writing-sample content and ESL level, topics covered include:

  • The Good Writing slide presentation
  • Sentence structure
  • Verb tense consistency
  • Paragraph creation
  • Outline creation
  • Email
  • Structure for reports, articles, website writing

Delivery may include slide show, use of projector to display writing samples, group discussion, partner work, examples

Goals: Participants will learn some of the fundamentals of written English; improve their writing capacity in a dynamic setting in a manner that is personally relevant for them; gain writing confidence and learn new tools.

Text/handouts: Follow-up digital send-out of edited copy of participants’ material covered in class.

One-on-one ESL mentorship is for those who seek to improve their spoken and written English through conversation and lessons.

Clients seek ESL mentorship to:

  • work intensively on their written and/or verbal English
  • fast-track their learning
  • benefit from a class tailored exclusively to their issues
  • experience the confidentiality of one-on-one sessions

Classes may be purchased one at a time or in bulk for a reduced rate.