Creative Writing

Tailored to participants’ needs, these workshops are powerful tools for personal development and team-building. Workshops that involve creative expression can also fuel our business writing! Three-hour group sessions, 90-minute to two-hour individual sessions.

Topics covered may include:

  • Creative writing games and prompts
  • Practices and techniques to maintain and enhance creative flow
  • Autobiographical expression/journaling
  • Creative nonfiction writing
  • Poetry writing
  • Take-away concepts for home practice
  • Guided visualization
  • Contextualization of activities through creativity/empowerment framework

Delivery may include slide show, writing samples and readings, partner and partner dialogue, group discussion, optional non-critical sharing of writing

Goals: Participants will gain inspiration, self-insight and empowerment while expanding their experience of creative expression. They will learn exercises and techniques to enhance creative flow, practice reading from their work and gain confidence in their capacity for creativity and writing.

Text/handouts: Follow-up digital send-out of course content, writing samples and take-home exercises.

For interested organizations, Marn Norwich offers readings/performance as part of her workshop facilitation. Please see Readings/Performance for more details.

The following ongoing creative writing courses are offered at a private venue or available to be held at yours:

Practice and Technique for Cultivating Creative Flow

This hands-on workshop provides participants with innovative practices and techniques to maintain and enhance creative flow. Through short PowerPoint lecture, discussion, inspiring examples, guided creative visualization and specifically-developed writing exercises, students learn how to connect with and maintain creative flow and why we can experience blocks. Examples of how contemporary artists address these issues and the advice of specialists are explored. Students are guided in introspective writing exercises and writing exercises geared to open them to the creative.

Creative Writing and the Creative Process

Expand your creative mind and step into the centre of your writing power! This hands-on survey course takes participants on an exploration of genres from creative nonfiction, poetry and journalism to short fiction, journaling and blogging. Through short PowerPoint lecture, discussion, inspiring examples and specifically-developed writing exercises, participants try their hands at a variety of genres. With a focus on widening the realm of possibility and cultivating the creative process, participants write, share work and dialogue in a dynamic and respectful environment.

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