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The incredibly healing practice of writing

In a classroom in a residential treatment centre in east Vancouver, fifteen people in various stages of recovery sit rapt, as one of their peers reads aloud a personal story he has just written. His hands are shaking, and he is holding back tears. The man has never written before, but his lyrical turns of phrase seem channeled, and his words are nuanced and arresting. When he is done reading, his audience of peers call out their support and respect. One after the other, these courageous people share poems, stories and musings they have created minutes before in a workshop setting, works of art that reflect and ennoble the traumas that underlie their addictions…

Read the rest of this article by Marn Norwich at Head + Heart, an important resource for the wellness and spiritual world!


Creativity + healing in community: the triple-whammy!

Creativity + healing in community: the triple-whammy! This article by Marn Norwich was originally published by Creative Coworkers. The once-pejorative concept of a triple whammy has taken on an upbeat, urban-dictionary twist in recent years. So it is this reclaimed phrase that comes to mind when I think of the powerful triumvirate of creativity, healing… Continue Reading